Our Activities – Cleanliness Awareness & Training

  • This is a regular activity of Paryavaran Mitra. Special emphasis is given on awareness for cleanliness, Hygiene and health for which training programmes are also conducted.
  • Under National Service Scheme of Colleges, camps are organized from time to time in local villages, through such camps village folks are made aware of health, hygiene and cleanliness. Awareness is created through rallies and meetings.
  • To set an example to the other corporates, Hind Lamps factory and its sister concern at Kosi are maintained and kept clean and green.
‘Clean Yamuna” Campaign at Bateshwar on 9th February 2005 Collection of Kitchen Waste for Bio-fertilizer at Hind Lamps Campus on 10th September 2005
Students of NSC BDMU Girls Gollege, on a cleanliness drive at Nagla Bhoop Students of NSC BDMU Girls Gollege at a Rally organised for Pollution control, at Nagla Bhoop and Bakalpur

NSS cadets along with Smt Nirmala Yadav, Dr Subodh Dubey, Jung Bahadur Singh and others at a Mass Contact Program organised by Partyavaran Mitra for “Prevention of Pollution” at Nagla Bhoop and Bakalpur

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