World Anti- Tobacco Day Observed at Shikohabad

Paryavaran Mitra and Kalpataru jointly organised a meeting with social organisations on 20 May 2011 at local school, Blooming Buds. The aim was to discuss a tobacco free city.

The key points discussed were: We must bring improvement in ourselves. Areas around schools and colleges should be made tobacco free. Can children build the future of the nation under the influence of tobacco and alcohol? The locals must retaliate against this and ask for a ban of tobacco and alcohol shops around schools and other educational institutions.

The representatives of different social organisations present at the meeting expressed their desire to take concrete action at personal and institutional levels on the following points:
1. Tobacco should be banned.
2. Kids must be educated about the evil effects of smoking / tobacco consumption.
3. Constant reminders must be sent out about the evil effects, illness and financial strains by tobacco. These can be done by satellite groups.
4. Senior physician Dr. A. K. Ahuja said, we have to liberate every
family from tobacco. It is a sweet poison, w h i c h g r a d u a l l y macerates the human
body from within. He explained how he spoke every single day with people to liberate them from the effects of
gutkha, beedi, and alcohol addiction.
5. Dr . Ra j n i Ya d a v , Director, Dnyandeep C. Secondary Public School said “Children are the future of our nation. They will have to firmly resolve that they will neither be addicted to t o b a c c o nor would pe rmi t anybody from their family to get addicted.”

that, a rally would be organised at 5 am on 31st May 2011 and a signed memorandum would be handed ov e r to the administration for imposition of ban on tobacco.

Eliminate Tobacco, Save Lives
On the World Tobacco Prohibition Day, a rally was organised from Hind Lamps to Narayan Inter College, in which, accompanied by the presence of leading personalities , Shiva Paryavaran Krishi and Mahila Utthan Seva Samiti, the children of Young Scholars’ Academy participated.

The children and participants in the rally shouted slogans like –
“Remove Tobacco, Save Lives, Smoke of Tobacco is a Black Well of Death”,”Coughing Having Smoked Beedi, Dancing Before Death Gaily”. Kiran Bajaj conveyed her best wishes for the success of the rally.

At the request of Kiran Bajaj and with cooperation of the social organisations, schools, colleges, professors, students, farmers, professionals, teachers etc, 500 individuals signed a memorandum handed over to the Collector along with a letter addressed to the Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati.

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