Organised Effort to Make Shikohabad Green, Free of Polythene and filth

On 05 June 2011, at the World Environment Day event, Dr. Pankaj Mishra Regional Forest Director,
Ferozabad, said, “We organise programmes about environment and then forget about the cause. We must celebrate Environment Day for all 365 days.

Many present expressed their views such as:
1. Litter should be directed at litter boxes and not on the roads. These should be emptied everyday by the garbage trucks.
2. Vehicles must run on the roads and the footpaths must be strictly kept free for public. This should be coordinated with the help of the government and police.
3. Strict ban on defecating, urinating and spitting in public places.
4. Smoking must be banned in all institutions and public places.
5. A campaign must be organised on not throwing garbage in the gutters. The gutters are only meant for dirty water and rain water.
6. Strict imposition of ban on plastic bags from the government and organisations
7. Polythene is absolutely banned in Chandigarh and this move has achieved success. Similar steps to be adopted by all states.

Dr. A. K. Ahuja said that, “We must all think that, neither my family nor I will use polythene, and convince at least one individual to refrain from using polythene.” Chairman of the Municipality, Raghuvar Dayal Gupta said, “If we stop accepting polythene, its usage will be curtailed.

Organised-Effort-to-Make-Shikohabad-Green-Free-of-Polythene-and-filth Organised-Effort-to-Make-Shikohabad-Green-Free-of-Polythene-and-filth-1

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