Heartiest congratulations on organizing exhibition

Heartiest congratulations on organizing exhibition on the eve of Gandhiji’s Birth Anniversary

The common people of city & villages should take more and more benefit of the vegetables which were grown using biofertilizer. For this sales may be organized through more and more exhibitions, so that the people would turn to it.

Thank you.
Rinku Yadav,
M. No.: 9756243197 / 9568906622

Heartiest congratulations on organizing an exhibition on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti about the products grown without using chemical insecticides.
Kindly take trouble to arrange for a shop and a godown outside the Hind Complex for daily sales and exhibition of the genetically produced products for the benefit of
the common people. This way, the people can have complete knowledge to buy and create the products.

Thanking you.
Pramodkumar, S/o Shri Layak Singh
Res. Gadhooma
M. No. 9927468333

Heartiest congratulations and many best wishes to the organizers of Paryavaran Mitra Institution for organizing exhibition of genetically produced products on the august occasion of Gandhis Birth Anniversary! I am very happy to see and buy the genetically grown plants and all the products for the first time. Wishing greater expansion of the activities of such commendable efforts of Paryavaran Mitra Institution and with the best

With regards,
Dhirendra Singh Yadav
4-5, Hind Residential Complex,


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