Our Activities – Drive Against Tobacco & Spitting

  • Special drive has been undertaken by physicians of Indian medical Association, Firozabad Branch. In the course of regular medical examination and treatment of patients, doctors convinced the patients about the disadvantages and harms of using tobacco, smoking, chewing, gutkha & spitting
  • This campaign also forms part of rallies, competitions, meetings organised by Paryavaran Mitra. In factory & local villages, statements from saints & doctors are being used to deter the uses of tobacco, smoking & chewing Gutkha. Photographs of affected peoples are also shown to all people to discourage them in their which has now become a social evil

Mass awareness campaign against using Tobacco and Gutkha with the help of N.S.S. B.D.M. Degree College Shikohabad, in Naushara village near Shikohabad


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