Dedication of Rain Water Harvesting Project

According to data over one thousand billion people do not have access to pure drinking water. Twenty percent populations of earth do not have better cleaning facilities. Population of earth has increased 3 fold during last hundred years. Where as consumption of water has increased by six times. Women travel for miles to fetch water in remote concerns of rural India. Thousands acuqtic life forms are on the verge of extinction due to water pollution caused by urbanisation and industrialisation.

Every year nearly thirty one lakhs people die because of consumption of polluted water or indirectly by pollution caused by water.

This clearly exhibit and establishes the fact that crisis of water expressed in variety of forms has acquired endemic and enormous proportion.

How to deal with these challenges is the most haunting task before us? It is urgently needed that constructive efforts must be undertaken in the direction of stable and sustainable solutions to this problem. This mindless exploitation of water resources has been on continuous rise due to population exploision, ecological degradation, wastage of water resources and environmentally insensitive technology. Conservation and harvesting of rain water seem to be one of the urgent solutions to this ongoing crisis.

Ground water level is depleting with fast pace due to environmentally insensitive consumption of water resources in agriculture industry and daily life.

Rain water harvesting will definitely prove a positive step for conservation of water and maintenance of ground water level. Rain water harvesting implies storage and its transferring to ground water level so that rain water does not go waste and remains available for future use.

Experts believe that rain water is by and large pure and we can raise the ground water level by collecting it and transferring it.

Realising the seriously of this problem Paryavaran Mitra initiated a rain water harvesting project at Shikohabad.

The project was inaugurated by famous environmentalist Sri Rajendra Singh on 11th August 2005 at Hind Lamps campus.

The inaugural demonstration project was set up at Hind Lamps Campus itself and on World Water Day 22nd March, 2006, it was dedicated to the cause by Sri S.S. Bhatia then Sr. G.M.

Sr. G.M. S.S. Bhatia dedicating Rain Water Harvesting Project at Hind Lamps campus

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