Our Awareness Programs – Wall Painting

  • Awareness activities at Paryavaran Mitra were kick started with 310 huge Wall Writings in various public places in Uttar Pradesh namely, Mathura, Vrindavan, Mainpuri, Sirsaganj and Firozabad.
  • The writings were done in Hindi and Locals language on yellow background with green, big, bold letters, which were visible from a distance.
  • These slogans were written in public places such as railway stations, market temples, dispensaries and busy highways.
  • The power of the written slogans urged people to ‘Grow More Trees’, ‘Protect the Environment and Keep it Hygienically Clean’ and so on. These slogans have made an effective impact on the community and this is already evident from their changing lifestyles. Banners and hoardings on similar themes were also put up in these areas.

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