A Saint and a friend of Environment

Purushottam Lalji Dhanuka (83), left for heavenly abode (28 July 2011) in Vrindavan. He was Life Member of Paryavaran Mitra right from it’s inception.

Immersed in the Indian culture, Purushottamji Dhanuka had profound affection for ‘Vrinda-Van’- Sanskrit for ‘garden’ and ‘forest’. In fact, the most beautiful and vivid presentation of our Vedic culture is available in ‘Aranyaks’. ‘Aranyaks’ are propitious treatises written by the sages in the precincts of their ashrams located amidst serene and divine environs of forests.

The bungalow of Dhanukaji, situated at Raman Reti, was no less than an ashram. Being a centre of holy congregations, internal environment was pleasant due to the grace of saints and sages, while the greenery outside enhanced the internal splendour. Cows had a sole occupation of the front lawns and the trees in the vcicinity were captured by the monkeys and birds. As the saying goes, “Entire land mass belongs to Gopal, the lands should be spruced up the way Gopal is bedecked. The graceful beauty of nature was an expression of Divine words for Dhanukaji. The trees, plants, animals and birds were all members of his family. Environment had given him completeness. He was not only a friend of environment, but its lover. Paryavaran


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