Know About Your Plant

To give motion to the movement ‘Know About Your Plant’ by Paryavaran Mitra, the students of class 3 to 12 of various schools were invited with their teachers to see the forest in the compound. An educational program was organized under which the qualities and benefits of the forests situated in Hind Parisar were informed to the children and the qualities of the various species of plants were explained in detail.

The students of Gyandeep Public School, Young Scholars Academy, Indira Memorial Public School, Lord Krishna Public School participated in this program.

Know-About-Your-Plant Know-About-Your-Plant
O’ God !

Soil of Nation, Water of Nation,

Air of Nation, Fruits of Nation,

May All Turn Lusciously Pleasant!


Homes of Nation, Ghats of Nation,

Woods of Nation, Roads of Nation,

May All Turn Easily Accessible!

Men of Nation, Minds of Nation,

Brothers-N-Sisters of Nation’s Homes,

May All Turn Selfless and Pure!

Ravindranath Tagore

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