Celebrating 7th Founder’s Day

7th Founder’s Day was organized on 24th September, 2011 at Bajaj Bhavan. It went off extremely well with over 250 attendees.

Invocation was done by Asha Joshi, Carrol Bhogle & Minal Pabhrekar. The song was apt to our theme “van mangal ho, sab mangal ho, sab mangal mangal mangal ho”

Mukul Upadhyaya gave brief introduction about the Speakers and Paryavaran Mitra and its activities followed by Praful Phadke’s presentation on Paryavaran Mitra and its activities done in various places at Shikohabad like plantation, green belt, gardens and awareness programme, Developing Nurseries, Anti Tobacco Day etc. The presentation also covered organic farming and the advantages of organic food.

A special message from President Kiran Bajaj was also read out at the occasion.

Speech by Bittu Sahgal :
Bittu Sahgal made a Power Point presentation that how beautiful is the mother earth and we need to preserve its natural resources. He mentioned that “People say this earth belongs to Lord Krishna and he will take care”. He said don’t expect others to do it, we have to do it on our own to save the environment. Kiran Bajaj has already taken initiative towards Parayavaran and others should follow it. He also mentioned that Bajajs’ have always contributed to the National causes. Parayavaran Mitra’s purpose and activity should spread everywhere. Even a small plant goes a long way.

He concluded his speech by saying, “Don’t fight against our nature as nature is doing its duties without any expectations and we should not spoil it, but love and
preserve it”. He encouraged all the participants to do their best in whatever manner they can do and also support Parayavaran Mitra for their activities.

Speech by Dr. Anish Andheria :
Dr. Andheria presented a slide show on rationale for conservation of wild life and nature. He explained various aspects of nature as also the advantage of saving wild life. He also shared his experience regarding forest. He said 20 years ago water was totally free and now it is priced. Likewise oxygen too will cost in near future if we don’t care for environment. If each of us plants 10 trees it will change the environment for the better. He emphasised on the point that what our children / new generation required is not money but pure environment, enough resources and our culture.

He concluded with the observations, “preservation of nature should be in our blood”.

Open forum
The participants not only asked questions but also gave valuable suggestions.

Vote of Thanks
CMD Shekhar Bajaj thanked both the speakers for their wonderful presetations and for creating awareness to preserve nature. He also thanked Pooja Bajaj for making wonderful arrangements.

Celebrating-7th-Founder-Day(L – R) Mukul Upadhyaya, Pooja Bajaj, Dr. Anish Andheria, Shekhar Bajaj, Anant Bajaj and Bittu Sahgal. Celebrating-7th-Founder-Day-2Audience listening in rapt attention.
Celebrating-7th-Founder-Day-3 Audience listening in rapt attention
Bittu SahgalBittu Sahgal Dr. Anish Andheria
Display and sale of Organic products at Paryavaran Mitra stallDisplay and sale of Organic products at Paryavaran Mitra stall LED lighting products of Bajaj Electricals on displayLED lighting products of Bajaj Electricals on display

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