Two Day Waste Management Workshop at R.C. Girls College Mainpuri & Govt. Girls degree college sirsaganj – 11 to 12 December 2015

Venue: R.C. College Mainpuri and National College Sirsaganj, U.P.

The Waste management workshop was attended by professors and 400 students from the two clleges. Dr Shefali Yadav, organiser of this event stressed upon the need to educate people and create awareness regarding waste management in sections of our society.

Kiran Bajaj emphasised the need to manage waste by reducing it and not creating it in the first place. Our lifestyle dictates the amount of waste we create and we need to cut down from the very beginning as it affects the main elements of the environment, namely earth (soil), water and air. She asked for people to bring about a change in their thought process so reduction of waste is built into every activity.

Points raised at the workshop:
Quantity of waste, Quality of waste, Consumption of waste in daily life, Waste and how it affects health
On Day Two, the technique of making amrit jal was imparted as well as filling pots for plants and planting of saplings was demonstrated. A waste slogan competition was held and certificates were awarded to participants.






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