World Environment Day

Venue: Sanskriti Bhavan
Date: June 5, 2016

A discussion about tobacco consumption and how to rid oneself of its addiction was held by several doctors and academics of Shikohabad. Dr Ajay Ahuja, senior consultant, Paryavaran Mitra made a request to the youth that they should plant a tree and look after it for an entire year. He also asked them to take on the challenge of making their own family tobacco free.

Let us give back as much as we take from our environment was a simple suggestion made by Dr. Ranjit Singh. A wall painting contest was held amongst young students to raise awareness about environment protection.

While Shikohabad is working relentlessly to create awareness, it is essential that every village, town, city and school start talking about the ill effects of tobacco. The message needs to reach every nook and corner of the country. And everyone needs to put up their hand to make a small contribution to protect the environment around them in any which way they can.







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